Lcd Tv Service

LCD TV Service in Chennai

Nowadays, Television has become an indispensable part of our lifestyle and turned into a necessity in every normal household. The presence and use of TV can be found everywhere whether it’s home, office, workplaces, shops, or shopping malls and hotels. TV brings all kinds of entertainment stuff such as movies, sports, reality shows, serials, and songs, and many more. Due to long hours of viewing and rough use, it puts extra strain on your TV and makes it vulnerable to defect. In that case, you need a reliable and efficient LCD TV Service in Chennai!

At Techno Care, We offer a convenient, highly efficient, and comprehensive LCD TV Service in Chennai for wide-ranging LCD TV brands. We are well-equipped to provide you TV repairing services irrespective of the defects your TV might have. We repair and renovate all types of LCD televisions of varied brands and manufacturers. Our team of skilled technicians and engineers will carry our repairs whether it’s at your home and office.

What do you mean by LCD TV?

LCD means Liquid Crystal Display. The liquid crystal usually allows or blocks the light to pass through it. The different colors and brightness levels created by liquid crystals and diverse filters showcase the picture on the screen. There could be some exceptions but every LED TV carries an LCD display.

Why Us

If you’re looking for a trusted, safe and competent LCD TV repair service in the city, then you have landed at the right place. We are the best-known LCD and LED TV repair service coming up with a perfect solution at your doorstep.

After getting calls from you, our technical team will reach your place on time and will make a detailed assessment of the defect that occurred in your TV. Then, they will suggest you the best possible repair solutions. Our technicians are well-informed about the latest TV models and the technology involved with them. There are prepared for all types of repair challenges.


  • customized and user friendly
  • Excellent in performance
  • Highly trained and acclaimed
  • Reliable and transparent service
  • Cost-effectiveness